Hunger Games Mockingjay banned in Bangkok for revolutionary Salute

Vor ein paar Wochen begannen die Studenten während der Proteste in Thailand, den Katniss' revolutionären Drei-Finger-Gruß aus Hunger Games als Real Life-Protestmeme zu adaptieren, einen Tag später hatte das Militär-Regime den Gruß bereits verboten. Jetzt haben sie die ersten Demonstranten für den Gruß festgenommen und zum Zwecke der „attitude adjustment“ verschleppt. Außerdem hat mindestens eine Kinokette in Bangkok den Film aus dem Programm genommen.

The three-fingered salute was widely used by protesters against Thailand's military coup in May. The military had threatened in June to arrest anyone who refused to stop doing it when challenged. Gen Prayuth led the coup, which came after months of political deadlock and unrest, and became PM in August.

On Wednesday, he was speaking at an event in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen when five students from a local university sitting near the podium stood up. They removed their shirts to reveal T-shirts underneath with a Thai slogan reading "No Coup", and flashed the three-fingered salute. Police officers and soldiers immediately took the five away.

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