Fiber Optic Sea Warrior


Großartiges Kostüm von Mikaela Holmes die Band The Adversary (hier auf den Facebooks): Ein Fiber Optic Sea Warrior mit Arduino-gesteuerter Lightshow. Ich hätte den ja Neon Aquaman getauft, aber so passt das auch.

aquaman2A Headpiece: which incorporates laser cut leather, el wire, side light fiber optics, individually addressable RGB LEDs (WS2812), an Arduino microcontroller, a lithium polymer battery, an on-off switch, and a component to hold the fiber optics in place, which Ashley designed and 3D printed on a Makerbot in Ninjaflex TPE flexible filament -- a filament with properties similar to rubber.

A Chest Harness: made primarily of laser cut leather, 3D printed chest and shoulder shells which I designed and printed in two materials on the Objet printers at Instructables, and inner components designed by Ashley and 3D printed in Ninjaflex on the Makerbot, as well as an Arduino microcontroller, an on-off switch, a battery, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and 6mm diameter side light fiber optics.

A Pair of Pants: which I embellished with leather and six 3D printed shells which diffuse individually addressable LEDs controlled by a microcontroller and powered by another lithium battery.

Instructables: Fiber Optic Sea Warrior by Mikaela Holmes