Parliaments handpicked Autumn of Westminster

Am Palast von Westminster machen sie den Herbst manuell, und zwar wortwörtlich: Dort friemelt eine… ummm… Entlaubungsfachkraft jedes einzelne Blatt von den Bäumen. Anscheinend haben sie ausgerechnet, dass das effizienter ist, als alle paar Tage mit einem Rechen drüberzugehen. Kann ich mir sogar gut vorstellen, but still: WTFUKSeriously?

The parliamentary authorities have defended their decision to ask a gardener to remove each leaf manually from trees outside the House of Commons to save time spent raking them up.

The incident led to accusations on Twitter that autumn had been cancelled by Westminster, when a female worker on a step ladder was spotted taking down yellow leaves, one by one, from a circle of lime trees.

Although typical winter temperatures have not yet arrived in London, the gardener stripped bare the trees that border the square below Big Ben, instead of allowing them to fall naturally.

Guardian: Westminster gardener ordered to remove autumn leaves one by one (via Arbroath)