50.000 Meows

Derzeit läuft ein Coding-Wettbewerb für generative Literatur, der National Novel Generation Month. Tollster Beitrag bislang (neben einem generativen Voynich Manuskript): 50.000 Meows. Ein simples Python-Script, das Texte in Miaus übersetzt und dabei Wortlänge, Satzzeichen und Groß-/Kleinschreibung erhält. Aus „Nerdcore hat doch mal wieder Lack gesoffen“ wird also „Meeeooow meo meow meo meeow Meow meeeooow“, aus Moby Dick wird das hier, und if you put Meow.py into Meow.py you get Meow-meow.py. Toll!

An entry for NaNoGenMo 2014: „Spend the month of November writing code that generates a novel of 50k+ words“. The rules say: „The "novel" is defined however you want. It could be 50,000 repetitions of the word "meow". It could literally grab a random novel from Project Gutenberg. It doesn't matter, as long as it's 50k+ words.“ Well, someone had better create 50,000 meows just to get it out of the way.

But this isn't just "meow" 50,000 times. meow.py replaces all words with a meow of the same length, keeping punctuation.

Usage: python meow.py infile.txt > outfile.txt

Here's the above rule put through meow.py:

Mew "meeow" me meeooow meoooow mew meow. Me meeow me me,mew meeeeeoooow me mew meow "meow". Me meoow meeeeeoow meow m meooow meoow meow Meeooow Meeeeeoow. Me meoow'm meooow, me meow me me'm mew+ meoow.

50.000 Meows (via Waxy)