Bitcoin-Mine Explosion

Ich kenne mich mit Bitcoin-Minern nicht aus und würde ja spontan 'nen explodierten Overclocking Miner Mod vermuten, aber die Betreiber sagen, das wäre alles super gelaufen. Wie auch immer: Eine explodierte Bitcoin Mine, in der sich bis zu 2000 (!) Miner befanden, die wohl alle abgefackelt sind. Schaden: 2 Millionen Dollar ohne Versicherung, Yay! Bilder auf Flickr und Bitcointalk, Snip von Coindesk:

The manufacturer's CEO, Guy Corem, told CoinDesk that he had visited the site in late June, when it was primarily populated by about 1,000 Dragon miners and around 100 Spondoolies-Tech miners. Corem said the facility was expanded shortly after his visit, with hundreds of Spondoolies-Tech SP30 miners. These had operated for more than two months without incident and technical data indicates they were cooled properly, he added.

There has been no official word on the extent of damage suffered by the facility. It is estimated that the farm housed upwards of 2,000 miners when it was destroyed, including about $2m-worth from Spondoolies-Tech alone.

Fire Destroys Thai Bitcoin Mining Facility (via JWZ)