Sparkling Gen-Apples

In 'nem schweizer Labor haben sie bizzelnde Äpfel mit Kohlensäure gezüchtet. Apfelschorle zum abbeißen, quasi.

appleDevised by the mad scientists at Swiss fruit company Lubera, the so-called “Paradis Sparkling Apple” releases fizzy juice when an eater bites into it. The culinary miracle was the result of cross-breeding two different apple varieties — the Resi and the Pirouette — and took a number of years to perfect, according to the Daily Mail.

Here is the wonderful, fabulous description of the Paradis Sparkling Apple from Lubera’s website:

An apple is an apple. But not in this case. Our new breeding Paradis Sparkling® is different. So different, just as the name describes: Sparkling explodes in your mouth. When the large cells release their juice, it feels as if CO2 is brought into play. To stay with the analogy: Paradis Sparkling is the first apple that is not ‘still’, but ‘sparkling’!

Genetically Modified ‘Sparkling’ Apple Has Juice Like a Fizzy Drink