Social Justice Kittens Calendar 2015: I drink your Tears, Oppressor!


Mein Lieblingstumblr LiartownUSA von Sean Tejaratchi hat seinen 2013er Social Justice Kittens-Kalender in echt produzieren lassen. „Fuck your comfort. Fuck your privilege“. Genau das richtige Item für alle und jeden, die schonmal das Wort „Gamergate“ getippt haben. Bestellen kann man das Teil hier für 15 Dollar.

This full-color, 12” x 12” grid-style wall calendar is presented and shipped in plenty of time for the holidays. Each month features a charming kitten professionally photographed in a heroic pose appropriate to a small cat defiantly speaking out on the hottest social justice issues of the day. A sassy, uncompromising declaration erases any doubts about each precious cat’s passionate convictions, sense of humor, and tough-as-nails attitude!

Each of these twelve adorable kittens was subject to a week-long, grueling interview process to ensure there was absolutely nothing problematic in its beliefs. Unlike bland, privileged garbage kittens chosen for nothing more than shallow good looks, Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations to go with their tiny, oh-so-kissable faces! The patriarchy WILL NEVER accept these kittens!

Social Justice Kittens Calendar 2015