Stock-Photo Artists painted by chinese Copycat-Artists

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Nette Arbeit des Kunstkollektivs IOCOSE, die Screenshots von Getty Stock-Fotos nach China an dortige Auftrags-Künstler geschickt und malen haben lassen. Das Konzept gab's schon ein paar mal in spannender von Mr. Toledano, der Diktatoren-Portraits anfertigen, und Michael Mandiberg, der Fotos des Tianamen Tank-Mans in China kopieren ließ. Aus dem Press-Release:

Each portrait represents a copyrighted photo found on the Getty Images archive using ‘artist’ as research keyword. […]

IOCOSE, the Chinese painters, Getty, the photographers and the models, each represented a different mode of being artist. Each one has been commissioning, or being commissioned, art production and has been assembling, selecting and curating images and other artists (and images of artists). Each character in the story has been a parasite of the other, each a host for the next one. The chain involved practices that are quite common nowadays in the production of art: exploitation and outsourcing, exchanges of files and money transactions, sharing of skills and copyrighting. The portraits intend to reflect on the plurality of different modes of making art.


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