Saving Tattoos from Death

deathIn Amsterdam konserviert ein Tattoo-Shop zusammen mit Pathologen die tätowierte Haut von Toten, legt die in Formaldehyd ein und stellt die dann aus, bzw. leiht die bemalte Haut an die Verwandten des oder der Verstorbenen, damit die die dann in ihr Wohnzimmer hängen können.

Peter van der Helm, who owns Amsterdam’s Walls and Skin – a tattoo and a graffiti supplies shop – is offering a service that promises to preserve tattoos after their owners die, and allow them to be passed on as works of art.

More than 50 people have already signed up with the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing, so that after their deaths, pathologists can remove the skin carrying their tattoo, pack it in formaldehyde and send it to a laboratory where the water and fat will be removed and replaced with silicone. They then become the property of the foundation, put on display or “loaned” to family and friends of the deceased.

Guardian: The tattoo foundation that will frame your body art after you’ve died

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