Saving Detroit with Tresor-Dudes Berlin Techno


Dimitri „Tresor“ Hegemann plant einen Club in Detroit in einem der leerstehenden Fabrikhallen von Fisher Body einen Club mit Residenzen für Berliner Techno-DJs aufziehen, um damit ein Stück Techno-Kultur aus Deutschland zurück nach Detroit zu bringen und der Stadt damit ein Stück weit zu helfen.

Mr. Hegemann founded Tresor, one of the world’s most famous techno-music clubs, in the abandoned bank vault beneath the bombed-out Wertheim department store after the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago. He has since turned a former East Berlin power plant into an 86,000-square-foot event space. On the roof, he keeps 120,000 bees, whose honey he sells in the basement nightclub. “We call it Techno Honey—a natural energizer,” he said.

For his next act, he is targeting Fisher Body 21. For the project, he has enlisted a Detroit real-estate developer, a Detroit architect and a Swiss foundation that helps redevelop abandoned buildings. Mr. Hegemann is confident the contamination issues can be overcome, but if not, he said he would turn his sights to the deserted Michigan Central Station in Detroit.

Wall Street Journal: Where Detroit Sees a Derelict Factory, Berliners See a Techno Dance Club – Germans Pitch Motown Ideas on Music Scene; Deserted Plant’s ‘Special Aura’