Espresso Gatling Gun

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Eine Espresso Gatling Gun, leider nur ein Konzept. Trotzdem: WANT!

So, you see, it was inevitable that I came to view Nespresso machines as machine guns. But it’s no stretch of imagination if you find yourself firmly cocking a brass-colored Nespresso capsule into place or emptying a pile of spent metal shells. It is nothing if not bullet-like. After all, a capsule is a cartridge by another name and both propellants work by means of rapidly expanding gases.

Ammunition is only the half of it for, as the leading image shows, both are made from of a curvaceous combination of metal and polymers ending with a steel barrel. As with guns, the color of choice is overwhelmingly black, although drug dealers and people with questionable taste may choose chrome for either. If it isn’t too obvious to point out, both serve up shots.


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