CDCs Injury-Code explains Death by sucked into Jet Engine

Die amerikanische Gesundheitsbehörde Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) schafft sich neue Verletzungs-Codes an und ist dabei etwas überspezifisch. Lowering the Bar hat die absurdesten Beispiele rausgesucht. „Hang-glider explosion“ klingt super!

This is presumably also how we get V97.33XD, "sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter." Which, as the doctor's group points out, is a code we could probably manage without. They point to this as one of many unnecessary codes that doctors will now have to sort through. "That being said," one of their lobbyists conceded, "for the guy unlucky enough to get sucked into a jet engine more than once, there's a code for that."

I noted the "sucked into jet engine" code previously, but somehow failed to mention the "subsequent encounter" sub-code. So credit is due for that. (Under ICD-9, this would have been "other specified air transport accidents," which seems fine.) I am still a big fan of V96.15 ("hang-glider explosion"), W58.13 ("crushed by crocodile"), and X74.02 ("intentional self-harm by paintball gun"), but will also give the doctors credit for noticing V98.2 ("accident to, on or involving ice yacht"), and Z63.1 ("problems in relationship with in-laws"). Though I guess the latter may not be that uncommon.

Injury Code V97.33XD: Sucked Into Jet Engine (Subsequent Encounter)