Slipknot-Festival will smell like burning Camel-Shit

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Slipknot stellen auf ihrem kommenden Festival (mit unter anderem Danzig, Testament, Anthrax und Napalm Death) Fässer voller Kamel-Scheiße auf, die langsam auf glühenden Kohlen vor sich hinröstet, weil wegen dem Aroma.

slipknotcamelKnotfest, the upcoming three-day bacchanal in San Bernardino, California organized by multi-platinum masked metallers Slipknot, will go down in history as the first rock festival to have an official smell. And that smell? Camel shit.

Boasts the press release, "Knotfest has its own aroma that will infest your brain, body and clothes for days after the festival is over. Personally picked by Slipknot themselves, the smell of Knotfest will permeate the festival grounds. Oil drums will be filled with camel shit… set aflame to last the entire festival." […] Slipknot hope the smell will be conducive to creating a community through olfactory memory, a gesture that recalls a more hardcore version of Marcel Proust's "episode of the madeline." […] You have to be able to be somewhere in the world, maybe be in a little pain, and then all of a sudden smell that and feel good again."

Contrary to reports that claimed the dung would be mixed with oil, Crahan insists it will be au natural, heated with a slow burn over charcoal, "like we're doing ribs."

Rolling Stone: Slipknot Reveal Why Their Music Festival Will Smell Like Burning Camel Poop (Bild via Shutterstock)

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