Holy Grail of Sherlock Holmes-Movies found

In Frankreich haben sie einen 1916er Sherlock-Holmes-Film mit William Gillette in der Hauptrolle gefunden. Während auch frühere Verfilmungen bekannt sind (tatsächlich: jede Menge davon), ist das hier die einzige Kopie der Adaption eines Theaterstücks, das maßgeblich an unserem heutigen Bild von Holmes verantwortlich ist: Der komische Hut und die Pfeiffe und Gillette hatte auch den Spruch „Oh, this is elementary, my dear fellow“ erfunden, der in der ersten Tonverfilmung 1929 zum berühmten „Elementary, my dear Watson“.

Sherlock_Holmes_1916_2A long-lost Sherlock Holmes film dating from 1916 has been discovered in the vaults of the Cinémathèque Française, the Paris-based archive that houses one of the world’s biggest film collections. Entitled Sherlock Holmes, the silent film stars renowned American actor-manager William Gillette, and is an adaptation of the play with which Gillette was famously associated. […]

Directed by Arthur Berthelet, the Sherlock Holmes film was shot in Chicago by Essanay studios, now best known for its series of Charlie Chaplin shorts made in 1915. It remains the only record of Gillette’s performance as Holmes, which popularised the deerstalker-and-cape image of the detective. (Gillette, however, was by no means the first to come up with it – though never mentioned by Conan Doyle, the look is generally credited to an 1891 illustration by Sidney Paget for The Boscombe Valley Mystery short story.) The play – and presumably the film – is a compendium of Holmes’s “best bits”, weaving scenes from a variety of stories into a single narrative.


Guardian: 'Holy grail' of Sherlock Holmes films discovered at Cinémathèque Française