7kg Marijuana sent to not existing Star Trek-Tribbles-Dude

In Roseville, Kalifornien, haben sie vier Päckchen voller Gras abgefangen, die an einen Villain aus Pee-wee’s Big Adventure und einen Herrn Cyrano Jones adressiert waren. Letzterer ist der Händler, der die Tribbles damals auf die Enterprise gebracht hat.

two packages were addressed to “Cyrano Jones” at a second Philadelphia address. Again, investigators could locate nobody with that name in Pennsylvania (let alone the specific recipient address on the parcels).

“Cyrano Jones” was a character on the “Star Trek” television series. “Jones” was an intergalactic merchant who was viewed as a pest by USS Enterprise boss Captain James T. Kirk. “Jones” is best known for introducing quickly reproducing “tribbles” onto the starship. The furry creatures overrun the Enterprise, leaving Kirk exasperated in the 1967 episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

Smoking Gun: Pee-wee, Capt. Kirk Linked To Pot Shipments