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Umbrella Revolution in Abandoned Hong Kong

Gepostet vor 1 Jahr, 8 Monaten in China Protest Revolution

Ich lese mich grade in die Hong Kong-Proteste ein, die Demonstranten fordern Wahlen zur Bestimmung des nächsten Bürgermeisters ihrer Stadt im Jahr 2017. Nachts verwandeln sie den Finanzdistrikt in ein Lichtermeer aus Handys und Regenschirmen, tagsüber sind die Hauptstraßen Hong Kongs völlig menschenleer (Bild oben via @JeromeTaylor), weil die Demonstranten die Straßen abgesperrt haben.

Peking hält sich dort noch zurück, wohl auch wegen des heutigen chinesischen Nationalfeiertags, auf dem Festland werden aber bereits Sympathisanten festgenommen und heute erschien in der staatlichen Peoples Daily-Zeitung folgende Ansage:

Hong Kongers who continue to participate in the protests should expect dire consequences, an editorial in the People’s Daily newspaper warned today.

Some activists and analysts, including a former Tiananmen student leader, say the piece bears a marked similarity to a notorious editorial that ran the People’s Daily more than 25 years ago. That piece was later blamed for leading to the brutal crackdown on demonstrations, which killed hundreds or thousands, depending on estimates.

Derweil erfindet die Demokratiebewegung in Hong Kong und in China neue Memes gegen die Zensur des Regenschirm-Aufstands: Chinese Web Censors Struggle With Hong Kong Protest.

They have been posting pro-democracy remarks on nonpolitical websites and uploading selfies of their shaved heads to express solidarity with the protesters. On Tuesday, some social media users shared stock images of President Xi Jinping carrying an umbrella, a not-so-subtle nod to that essential protester accessory for staving off sun, rain and pepper spray. Other users simply changed their profile photo to that of an umbrella.

Charlie Smith, co-founder of, a group that tracks Internet censorship in China, said authorities were not likely to relax. “They are going to be on top of this situation 24/7.”

Designer bauen jede Menge Visuals: Umbrella Revolution: Occupy HK protests inspire internet memes.


Images are being posted on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #umbrellarevolution and Kacey Wong, an assistant professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has also set up an Umbrella Revolution logo design competition on Facebook and is posting submissions on his Facebook page.

Und am Ende vom Protest räumen sie auch immer auf:

Ich wünsch' den Leuten dort und Joshua Wong Chi-fung viel Glück und drücke alle Daumen, dass das alles gut geht.

Nach dem Klick die Links und Kram, den ich heute dazu gelesen habe:

Guardian: Hong Kong pro-democracy protests spread – live updates

BBC: How the humble umbrella became a HK protest symbol: „When the tear gas canisters were opened and the smoke billowed out, Hong Kong's demonstrators had only their umbrellas to protect themselves. They had been brought along because the heat of the sun was so severe at the height of the day. Ever since then images and designs of umbrellas have been posted as a mark of solidarity. The "umbrella revolution" has become a protest art phenomenon online.“

Quartz: Hong Kong democracy activists are offering their umbrellas to rain-soaked police: „Two demonstrators were photographed last night using their umbrellas to shelter officers from the rain, a stark contrast to images of police firing tear gas at demonstrators a few nights before.“

Meet the Hong Kong teenager who’s standing up to the Chinese Communist Party: „Mainland authorities call him an “extremist.” A party document on national security identifies Wong by name as a threat to internal stability.“

These are not the National Day celebrations that Beijing had in mind: „The Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong is expected at its high point to attract as many as 400,000 people, and tonight could be that zenith.“

NYTimes: Chinese Web Censors Struggle With Hong Kong Protest: „On one popular mainland music-sharing site, hundreds of people left supportive comments under a Cantonese ballad, 'Under the Vast Sky', that has become something of an anthem for protesters. 'Without resistance there is no freedom,' read a typical entry. 'Go Hong Kong!' Fu King-wa, a professor of media studies at Hong Kong University, said the rate of deletions on Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular microblog service, had jumped in recent days, a testament to the flood of protest-related content and the Communist Party’s fears that the demonstrations might prove contagious.“

For Hong Kong Leader, Pressure Builds From Both Sides: „On the boisterous, steamy streets here, the man leading Hong Kong’s government has been likened in recent days to a vampire, a wolf, dog excrement and a criminal-at-large, his portrait adorning homemade 'Wanted' posters. Student protesters have even refashioned a stranded city bus into a coffin for Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong and an ally of Communist Party leaders in Beijing. A sign on the bus said, 'To hell.'“

Kotaku: Hong Kong Protests Draw Resident Evil Comparisons

NYTimes: Images of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution
Flickr-Feed von AlfredKHC

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