Brillant Lighting-Ad with Jeff Goldblum

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Scheiß auf den Stromanbieter, aber das Commercial von Tim Heidecker und Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show) ist großartig! (via Polygon)

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Fantastisches Paralympics-Commercial von Channel 4

Ganz großartiger Spot von Channel 4 für ihre kommende Berichterstattung zu den Paralympics in Rio. Ein paar Hintergründe von Creative…

Samuel „Motherfucker“ Jackson explains Game of Thrones

Samuel „Motherfucker“ Jackson explains Game of Thrones

„Fuck those Dragons“.


Anti-Paparazzi Schal

[update] It seems, a guy named Chris Holmes came up earlier with the same idea, his Scarfs actually look quite…

Hermione Granger Panama-Papers-Fanfic

All is full of awesome with a headline like this: „The First Line Of Every Fan Fiction I Have Started…

Ultraviolent Claymation Doom

Ultraviolent Claymation Doom

Lee Hardcastle macht Doom in Knet-Animation: Hardcastle auf NC: Quentin Tarantinos Ghostbusters 3 made from Clay Lee Hardcastles ultraviolent Claymation-Witch-Musicvideo…

Minuature-Origami-Gameshow is a Surgeon Recruiting Ad

Minuature-Origami-Gameshow is a Surgeon Recruiting Ad

Echtes Commercial für die Personalabteilung des Kurashiki Central Hospitals auf der Suche nach Chirurgen-Nachwuchs. (via C77) In daily clinical practice,…


Warum immer mehr Prominente sterben

Nach Bowie, Eco, Westerwelle, Genscher, Lustig, Minsky, Lemmy, Rickman und nun Prince stellt sich fast schon automatisch die Frage: Warum…

Mosquito Killerbillboard

Mosquito Killerbillboard

Sure, why not: „The World Health Organization (WHO) recently stated that the Zika virus is a global emergency. According to…

Generic Presidential Campaign Ad

Generic Presidential Campaign Ad

„Where I go, so do Lensflares.“


Scarlett Johansson-Robot not creepy at all

Because ofcourse a 42-year-old invents a Scarlett-Bot. Also: She kinda looks like Emma Watson, which still makes sense, in that…


Mark Hamill loves his Sweater

Smell the force! (That joke originated on Tumblr, I guess.)