Restaurant sold addictive Opium-Noodles

Ein Restaurant in China hat seine Nudeln mit gemalenen Mohnknospen (aus denen man normalerweise Opium gewinnt) gewürzt, um Sucht-Ramen herzustellen. Als ob Ramen nicht auch so schon suchterzeugend genug wäre.

mohnThe use of the unusual ingredient - used to make opium - at the restaurant in Yan'an, in Shaanxi province, came to light after one of its clients tested positive in a routine urine test by traffic police, despite insisting he'd never touched drugs, the Xi'an Evening News reports. Suspecting the noodle shop he'd eaten at a few hours before the test might be to blame, the customer, Liu Juyou, persuaded relatives to frequent the shop as well and submit themselves to drugs tests. They also tested positive.

The shop owner - named only as Zhang - has since admitted to police that he bought 2kg (4.4lb) of poppy buds - which contain the plant's seeds - for $100 (£60) last month, crushed them into a powder and started to add that to his noodles.

BBC: Restaurant 'sold opium-laced noodles' (Bild via Shutterstock)

Bonus-Noodles: „After using drugs in an opium den, Noodles flees the city for Buffalo to live under an assumed name.“