„Human Flesh“ Burgers for The Walking Dead

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Miss Cakehead eröffnet zur Premiere der fünften Walking Dead-Staffel übernächste Woche ein Popup-Restaurant namens Terminus Tavern mit Burgern, die angeblich nach Menschenfleisch schmecken sollen. Den Geschmack haben sie nach Zeugenaussagen von Menschen rekonstruiert, die schonmal Menschenfleisch gegessen haben. Ernsthaft jetz: Ich krieg' grade eben richtig Hunger.


The first burger […] was half veal, half pork mince and was infused with bone marrow. The creators used quotes from various people who’ve tasted the forbidden meat, but were quite adamant that I not reveal exactly who they took their inspiration from. I was fairly impressed and endeared by the effort they’d put into trying so hard to make it taste like people, yet still being conscientious of offending the families of cannibal victims. The inspirations ranged from Jamie Oliver to serial child murderers, so you can understand them being cagey—these monsters are not to be associated with.

Before I went in I thought I would be able to adequately separate my mind from the “It’s people!!!” effect of eating the burger, but to my surprise, the gaminess of the marrow, mixed with the fairly unfamiliar taste of the veal made for a strange sensation. The soft meats were melting in my mouth like a glob of fatty white meat from the thigh of an unfortunate Arctic explorer.

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