Stroke at 33

stroke33Christine Hyung-Oak Lee schreibt auf (ausgerechnet) Buzzfeed die Story ihres Schlaganfalls auf, den sie mit nur 33 Jahren vor ein paar Jahren erlebte, ganz großartig illustriert von Lisa Perrin. Erinnert mich daran, dass ich mal wieder bei meinem Kumpel Helge vorbeischauen muss.

That was what my stroke felt like: like I was separating from myself.

It was Dec. 31, 2006. I was 33. I did not yet know this, but a clot had traveled from my aorta into my brain, and made its way to my left thalamus. As a result, my left brain, the expert at numbers and language and logic and reasoning, a part of it suffocated and died. My right brain, the specialist with regard to color, music, creativity, intuition, and emotions, therefore could not talk to my left brain. Numbers became squiggles, colors lost their names, food lost flavor, music had no melody.

This is not normal; this is beautiful, I thought. But I am dizzy like I am on a boat. And my head hurts.

Buzzfeed: I Had a Stroke at 33: On New Year’s Eve 2007, a clot blocked one half of my brain from the other. My reality would never be the same again.