Mindcontrolled Zombie Disco-Eye-Snails


Animiertes GIF der Disco-Augen einer von Leucochloridium paradoxum verseuchten Zombie-Schnecke: The Parasitic Worm That Turns Snails Into Disco Zombies. Awwww, Nature! <3

Leucochloridium [is] a parasitic worm that invades a snail’s eyestalks, where it pulsates to imitate a caterpillar (in biology circles this is known as aggressive mimicry—an organism pretending to be another to lure prey or get itself eaten). The worm then mind-controls its host out into the open for hungry birds to pluck out its eyes. The worm breeds in the bird’s guts, releasing its eggs in the bird’s feces, which are happily eaten up by another snail to complete the whole bizarre life cycle.

Das GIF oben stammt aus einem Video auf Wikipedia, nach dem Klick noch ein paar Videos der Zombie-Schnecken: