Slayer Pizza


Slayer-Pizza im Pentagram-Schnitt mit Fra'mani Toscano Salami, Soppressata-Salami, Finocchiona-Salami, einem Schafskäse namens „Lamb Chopper“ („Kotelett-Macher“), Seemanns-Tomatensoße aus Napoli, einer Kruste aus Hostien und karamelisierten Zucker mit Altar-Wein. Dazu hört man dann freilich Reign in Blood und legt ein Gelöbnis mit doppelt Käse auf den Namen Satans ab, bevor man das Teil mit Pommesgabeln flugs aufisst. Und wenn dann noch Platz ist, schiebt man einen Satanist Jesus-Themed Heavy Metal Ghost-Burger hinterher. SLAYER! \m/

bloodTasting notes: Behold, the Slayer pizza. A vast sadistic feast, the only way to eat it is going piece by piece. The flour was stone ground from 350 communion wafers and kneaded together on an altar of sacrifice. It’s baked at a chilly 400 degrees and finished as the communion wafer crust starts to burn. These delicious ingredients were almost all purveyed from California, where it is said that thrash metal has its roots.

As the pizza is sliced and “Angel of Death” is unleashed, you will scream along with the first taste. The smooth tang of the sheep’s milk cheese is offset in quintessential madness with the handcrafted salami. Like Jesus on the cross, heavy guitars rip through meat and cheese, exposing the unholy red sauce underneath. With the whirlwind beating of drums and those classic Slayer riffs, the pizza is soaked with a torrential altar wine gastrique. Raining blood from a lacerated pie! It should take just under 30 minutes to finish, and with 6.66 years’ worth of communion bread servings you might want to share it with your friends.

The Slayer Pizza: “The only way to eat it is going piece by piece” (via Marc)

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