Silk Road – The Series

Gary Oldman wird für SpikeTV die Serie Deep Web über den Aufstieg und Fall von Dread Pirate Roberts und seine Silk Road produzieren, schreiben wird Scott Gold (Under The Dome, argh). Theoretisch könnte ein Mashup aus den Serien Silicon Valley und Breaking Bad ja super werden, praktisch bin ich mehr als skeptisch. Ein Film ist bereits seit letztem Jahr in Planung.

Written/executive produced by Scott Gold (Under The Dome), the project, which I hear has a significant penalty attached to it, is inspired by TIME Magazine’s 2013 cover story on the Silk Road online marketplace. It chronicles the saga of an ambitious computer aficionado in Silicon Valley who, with the help of his friends, evolves into an internet underworld crime boss fueled by a web portal where one can buy anything ­ from a kidney to cocaine to a rocket-launcher. As his empire grows beyond borders and government regulation, he becomes the one of the most wanted men on Earth.

Spike Buys Illegal Online Marketplace Drama From Tony Krantz & Gary Oldman