Airport Security made from Wood


Eine komplette Flughafen-Security aus Ahornholz, skaliert in einem Raum dargestellt durch Forced Perspective, von Roxy Paine. Steht grade in der Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York. Grandios!

A room-sized vision of a generic airport security stop, Checkpoint presents a locale whose practical banality rests uneasily alongside the looming suggestion of larger social anxieties. At once familiar and foreign, Checkpoint offers the opportunity to visually and cerebrally examine a liminal place that is usually only experienced through a rushed physical encounter.

Rendered via various processes – from computer modeling to meticulous hand carving – the work is not a replica. Rather, Checkpoint alchemically translates a quotidian space into an uncanny one. Metal and rubber are transformed into soft-hued maple wood, a depth of eighty feet is perspectivally forced into eighteen, and the moving, living moment of human experience becomes architecturally frozen in time.

roxy paine carves life-sized airport security checkpoint from wood