Wie man den Tod seiner Mutti verarbeitet

11.09.2014 Misc #Storys

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1.) Choose a song. In meinem Fall ist das The Cures Pictures of you. Play it lout and on repeat.

2.) Drink as hard as you can, especially after you realized Death. Escapism is the only option here. Your Mother is dead. If you don't drink, you are fucked.

3.) Be mad. Be aggressive. Be mean. Be an asshole. Das hier passiert nicht all zu oft in Deinemm Leben (to be exact: This happens twice.) Is' nich wirklich cool und in der Phase sollte man lieber im Bett liegenbleiben.

4.) Such Dir ausgewählte Freunde, an deren Schulter Du weinen kannst. Deep, true Crying. They will give you Perspective and Future.

5.) If you have a Blog, or some Twitters or Facebooks: Let it all out. Let your pain reign supreme.

6.) When you are finished with 1-5 then step back, take a deep breath and look at what you have done. Your loved one is dead, and you did Chaos. It's fine.

7.) Return to some kind of normal Life. You can't stay this way, and you won't. You will find a way. This is highly individual.

8.) Build a shrine. When my Father died, I kept his Buddah-Jewelry in a small Case. I always look at it and I always have it near me.

9.) When you are ready, your lost Human will be a part of your heart. In meinem Fall heisst das, dass meine Mutti und mein Papa sich grade in meinem Kopf streiten. In a good way. Hallo Mutti! Hallo Papa!

10.) Return to work, business as usual. Including Pictures of you: