Down the Rabbit Hole: Data-Analysis of 1 Million Sextoys


Jon Millard legt den zweiten Teil seiner versauten Studie vor: Nach den 10.000 Porno-Stars hat er sich nun eine Million verkaufte Sextoys vorgenommen und die Online-Reviews sowie die Anwender analysiert: Down The Rabbit-Hole – What One Million Sex-Toy Sales reveals about our erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires. (via MeFi)

If you could take a sneaky peek into the naughty bedside drawers of 300,000 people, what would you see and what might it say about their sexual psychology?

For the very first time, the sales of one million sex toys and 45,000 of their reviews have been analysed to reveal what we do in our most intimate and uninhibited moments.

Riesen-Dildografik nach dem Klick: