Jack The Ripper identified

Untitled-1.jpgJemand namens Russell Edwards will angeblich Jack The Ripper identifiziert haben, anhand eines alten Schals, der bei einem seiner Opfer gefunden wurde, und DNA Proben der Nachkommen von Verdächtigen. Ist zwar spannend, man sollte aber zwei Dinge im Hinterkopf behalten: 1.) Der Typ veröffentlicht da grade ein Buch namens „Naming Jack The Ripper“, und 2.) Die Primärquelle ist ein Artikel des Herrn in der Daily Mail.

In 2007, Russell, fascinated by the Ripper story after viewing the Johnny Depp film, From Hell, acquired the shawl from Melville-Hayes at auction and turned it over to Dr Jari Louhelainen, a world-renowned expert in analyzing genetic evidence from historical crime scenes. Louhelainen was able to extract 126-year-old DNA from both the victim and the supposed murderer from the material, which he then compared the DNA from descendants of Eddowes and the suspect, with both proving a perfect match.

Russell and Louhelainen had been able to track down a British descendant of Kosminski’s sister, Matilda, who shared his mitochondrial DNA with the sleuths. According to Russell, Louhelainen was able to achieve a 99.2 percent match on the first strand of DNA from Kosminski, before achieving a perfect 100 percent match on the second strand tested.

Aaron Kosminski has long been considered a suspect by Jack the Ripper aficionados and historians, along with Edward VII’s son – Prince Albert Victor, Queen Victoria’s doctor – Sir William Gull, and painter Walter Sickert. Russell states that Kosminski — reportedly a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered auditory hallucinations — died in Leavesden Asylum at the age of 53, thirty years after the grisly murders that rocked London.

Author claims to have discovered Jack the Ripper’s identity using 126-year-old DNA (via MeFi)