Liu Bolin hiding in Cults and Guns

Liu Bolin zeigt seinen neuen Camo-Bodypaint-Arbeiten in der Klein Sun Gallery in New York, ich liebe das Bild oben mit den Kultisten (oder so). Creators Project hatte den Mann neulich zu seinen Arbeiten und seiner neuen Fotoserie interviewt:

Liu Bolin, the 41-year-old Chinese artist best known for photo series, Hiding in the City, which sees Bolin himself camouflaged into urban backdrops using acrylic paint, has become something of a viral art world phenomenon. With his surrealistic photographic performances, Bolin addresses issues at once as personal as they are intrinsically human; Buddhist notions of illusion, Taoist practices of stillness, contemporary ruminations on transparency and the nature of surveillance. In his ever-growing arsenal of immersion images, Bolin has proved himself to be very much an (invisible) 21st Century renaissance artist.

In a photo series to be released in 2015, Bolin expanded his scope to create two new "group" portraits focused around the theme of British currency.

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