Drone Almighty

Dronen als Metapher für einen christlichen Fantasy-Character aka Gott. Das Commercial stammt von Pastor Ed Young und der Fellowship Church aus Grapevine, Texas und lief dort im Kino, vor den Vorstellungen von Guardians of the Galaxy (ausgerechnet). Die Mischung aus Wahnvorstellungen, Staatsgläubigkeit (!) und Verherrlichung des Militärisch-Industriellen Komplexes sind äußerst beeindrucken – Religious Nuts are creepy!

rligion“The Bible … says that God has all power,” Young explained in the second of three videos. “So I thought, why not put together a study and call it ‘Drones’ and talk about the attributes of God.” You read that right. Young used the most terrifying and controversial aspects of drones—their ubiquity and potential for force—as a metaphor for God. Young is a powerful speaker and his theology is pretty standard for Texas. Baptist churches all over the state speak of God in much the same way. But the drone metaphor is a terrible and disturbing one. It trivializes the big questions about a scary new technology and equates God with a weapon of war.

The above advertisement ran in Dallas area movie theaters the first weekend of August. Thousands of movie fans saw the creepy ad before watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Young sermonized drones over three consecutive Sundays in the middle of August at his Grapevine megachurch. Fellowship Church recorded the sermons and simulcast them at its nine satellite locations. Most of the churches are in Texas, a few in Florida and one in far away London. Videos of all three sermons are on YouTube.

Texas Megachurch Preaches the Power of Drones