Scared Climate-Scientists Photography


Scared Scientists: Tolles Fotografie-Projekt von Nick Bowers, der Klimaforscher in düsteren Bildern fotografiert hat und die Fotos mit ihren schlimmsten Befürchtungen für die Zukunft des Planeten konnkotiert. Oben Frau Shauna Murray, Biologin an der Uni Sydney, Tokyo und New South Wales und das hat sie zu sagen:

We've recorded all sorts of climate change shifts in multiple areas. However, the scientific process is consistent. Every single individual study that has been done, has gone through the same rigorous process, data collection, research analysis, and qualified peer review. At the moment, we've at least 10 000 different papers, completed over 20 years, each using different data sets, and they are all coming to the same climate change conclusions. We've a weight of evidence that the average person is simply not aware of - and this frightens me.

I'd like to think that we're not going to reach the projected four degrees of warming this century; because I can't even imagine what that would look like. 80 years is not that long, and unless we act soon, my seven year old daughter will probably have to live through that.

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