Science of Pizza-Cheese


Die Studenten von Bryony James vom Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science an der Uni Auckland haben in einer Studie die perfekten Käsesorten für die leckerst aussehendste Pizza herausgefunden. Das Ergebnis: Cheddar, der mildere Colby-Käse und Edammer sind blubbern nicht, schweizer Greyerzer, italienischer Provola und Emmentaler schmilzen, ohne zu verbrennen und Mozzarella blubbert super Käseblasen. KÄSE! Jetzt hab' ich Hunger.

The researchers, led by Bryony James, director of the Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, used a machine equipped with a high-resolution camera and image analysis software to quantify how each cheese browned and blistered when cooked, and how each cheese's unique qualities affected color uniformity.

The results: cheddar, Colby and Edam were best if blistering is a concern, while Gruyere, provolone and Emmental melted without burning and turning brown, making them all good choices to go with the easily blistering — but extremely popular — mozzarella.

Food Science: Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality

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