Ralph Zimans Ghosts

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Ralph Ziman aus Johannesburg hat hunderte Ak47s und Munition aus aufgereiten Perlen für sein Fotoprojekt Ghosts gebastelt und hat die Dinger dann in einem Container nach Amerika verschifft. Dann malt er mit den Motiven Murals und druckt alternative Geldscheine. Reverse Waffenhandel Streetart-Fotodingsbums. Großartig!

The guns are where it all started. A piece of sculpture, something to hold. Tactile, real, heavy in your hands. We manufactured them for about six months nonstop, and we also made several thousand rounds of ammunition. When we were done, we photographed the guns with the artists who made them as models. I worked with my good friend and long-time collaborator Nic Hofmeyr as technical consultant for the photo shoot. The guns and photography from this collaboration will be included in my upcoming show at C.A.V.E. Gallery. This is the “fine art” component that I use to drive the message with these really compelling, haunting images that people are really responding to.

The guns will be worked into installations meant to demonstrate the onslaught and constant presence of these weapons – mounted on every wall of the gallery, spilling out of shipping crates…the idea is to overwhelm. Work sold at the show will also help raise money for the cause, with proceeds donated to Human Rights Watch.

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