AI-assisted Murder (UPDATE)

[update] Das Bild stammt aus dem Cache, der Mann hatte ein iPhone4, Siri gab's allerdings nicht vor 4s und ist daher unschuldig. Hier das ursprüngliche Posting:

Pic_1Ein junger Mann hat nach dem Mord an seinem Mitbewohner Siri um Rat gefragt, wo er die Leiche verstecken könne. Mord mit einer künstlichen Intelligenz als Komplize und Siri gibt auch gleich die passenden Antworten, man solle das Opfer doch im Sumpf versenken oder in einer Eisengießerei. Wie die Profis, die AIs heutzutage. Welcome to the Future!

US police say a Florida man accused of killing his roommate asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri for advice on hiding the body the day the man went missing. […] Bravo was charged with murder on Friday September 28, 2012, though his friend’s body was not found until weeks later when hunters stumbled across Aguilar in a shallow grave in a nearby forest.

Evidence collected from Bravo’s iPhone includes records of him using the phone’s flashlight function nine times from 11.31pm to 12:01am on the day that Bravo disappeared and asking the phone: “I need to hide my roommate”. According to evidence reproduced from the trial by local news stations, Siri responded “What kind of place are you looking for?” before offering four options: “Swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries, dumps”.

Independent: Florida man accused of killing his roommate asked Siri where to hide the body, court hears (via Algopop)