How To hack a WiFi with Cats

Auf der DefCon am Wochenende wird Gene Bransfield ein Halsband für Katzen vorstellen, das unsichere WiFis findet und aufzeichnet, während die Viecher durch die Gegend tigern. Also in his talk: The Denial of Service Dog. I shit you not.

This weekend at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas, Bransfield will debut the […] “WarKitteh” collar, a device he built for less than $100 that turns any outdoor cat into a Wifi-sniffing hacker accomplice.

Despite the title of his DefCon talk—”How To Weaponize Your Pets”–Bransfield admits WarKitteh doesn’t represent a substantial security threat. Rather, it’s the sort of goofy hack designed to entertain the con’s hacker audience. Still, he was surprised by just how many networks tracked by his data-collecting cat used WEP, a form of wireless encryption known for more than ten years to be easily broken. “My intent was not to show people where to get free Wi-Fi. I put some technology on a cat and let it roam around because the idea amused me,” says Bransfield.

Wired: How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi