DIY-Groot-Costume and Kidrobots Rocket Raccoon


Ganz großartiges DIY-Groot-Kostüm von Calen Hoffman, hier die Galerie auf Facebook.

The main body is pipe insulation foam, hot glued (low temp) to a suit of under armor(on my duct tap mannequin). The bark plates and mask are carved EVA foam sheets. The bark texture is kleenex soaked in Tacky glue and water. I recommend that you use something a little thicker than kleenex though, maybe tissue paper. Then painted with rattle cans and acrylics. The moss is scenery foliage (in the model train section at your local hobby store).

rocketUnd: I'm a sucker for Kidrobot-Toys and this one is mine. MINE!

A genetically engineered anthropomorphic raccoon, Rocket's DNA has been spliced into Labbit for a truly trans-galactic toy experience. Selected specifically for his high butt-kickery cell count that meshes perfectly with Labbit's own roguish nano-structure, Rocket Raccoon Labbit sports a real faux fur tail and doubles down on pure 'tude.