Jedediah Johnson Makout Project

Jedediah Johnson tut sich Lippenstift drauf und knutscht mit jedem und jeder, der oder die sich dazu bereit erklärt. Dann fotografiert er sie. Tolles Projekt, sehr intime und rohe Momentaufnahmen, kontrastiert mit einer gleichzeitigen artifiziellen Hipster-Optik. Mag ich sehr.

kiss10My interest was sparked by an evening I spent in the driveway of a girl named Emily Zeiss back in 1997. That was the time/place/chosen collaborator of my first kiss. I think when I came up with the idea to kiss people for art I was hoping that my make out sessions with subjects would be as exhilarating as that first kiss and, in fact, every other kiss I’d experienced. […]

When people are kissed or they see other people kissing there is a moment when their frontal lobes shut down, the limbic system kicks in, and they just feel their emotions. They get embarrassed. The get aroused. Sometimes they even get angry. The important thing is that they feel. That’s art.

Hyperallergic: Kissing for Art’s Sake






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