Green-Painted Lawns in California


Was machen gute Kalifornier, die mitten in einer Dürre darum bemüht sind, mit ihrem Häuschen im Vorort nicht unangenehm mit ihrem verdörrten Rasen auffallen wollen? Ganz klar: Sie malen ihr Grundstück mit grüner Farbe an. Fuck yeah, USA!

“It became a real eyesore, and we live in an area where everyone keeps their yard really nice,” Torres said. “I heard about a service where people paint your lawn so it looks like the real thing and thought, why not?“

A Long Beach landscaper armed with a canister of paint showed up at Torres’s front door a few days later. Now the lawn sports a glittering shade of emerald green that should last anywhere from three to six months. “We’ve had lots of people stop over and say it looks good,” Torres said. “It’s this really bright, popping green.”

Quartz: Californians have the perfect solution to the drought—paint the lawn green (Image via Shutterstock)