Dude grows Tooth in his Nose

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Einem jungen Mann ist ein „Intranasal Supernumerary Tooth“ in der Nase gewachsen. Nosemouth, anyone?

noseteethAfter suffering from nosebleeds once or twice a month for three years, the 22-year-old man in Saudi Arabia consulted a doctor, who found an ivory-white, bony mass, about half an inch (1 centimeter) long in the man's nose. The doctors then consulted with dentist colleagues, who concluded that the mass was actually an extra tooth that had somehow ended up growing in his nose, according to the report. The patient had a well-aligned and complete set of teeth in his mouth, according to the report.

LiveScience: Doctors Pulled a Tooth Out of a Man's … What?
American Journal of Case Reports: Recurrent Epistaxis Caused by an Intranasal Supernumerary Tooth in a Young Adult

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