Architectural Gothic Steampunk Coffee-Machine


Dutch Lab aus Südkorea machen architektonische gotische Steampunk-Kaffeemaschinen, das Teil oben kostet auch nur 7,5 Millionen Won (rund 5000 Euro). Auch mit Koffeinsucht viel zu teuer, aber trotzdem nice.

Each construct is built in korea from anodized aluminum components that have been laser cut to accommodate brass needle valves, borosilicate glass tubes, and 150-gram tanks. their development is led by a collection of industrial designers alongside a professional barista by the name of jae wong kwak.

The featured characteristic of this particular machine is its perpendicularity to the ground, which lets the warm brew naturally drop into canisters placed below. with the intent to exhibit this mechanism, the studio took action to convert the concept into a beautiful form of architecture. the resulting conglomeration of geometries share similar characteristics with gothic monuments seen throughout time. simplified representations of rose windows, medieval crockets, and pointed arcades are articulated by a layering of black surfaces linked by silver, golden, and translucent connections.

Designboom: dutch lab reveals architectural steampunk cold drip coffee machine