Dude hosts „Party of the Century“

„I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor“. 2000 Leute, 2 DJs, Feuerwerfer, GoGo Dancer und Stripperinnen – well played, Kid.

A “Project X”-type party, that law enforcement officials say got out of control. Police in Michigan say six people had to be hospitalized, and one woman says she was sexually assaulted at a massive party said to have been attended by more than 2,000 people. […] Invitations sent out over social media bill the party as “Project P — Danny’s B-Day.” The invitations read: “Prepare for the craziest event of your lifetime.” […]

EMS units were called to the scene to treat multiple patients suffering from alcohol and drug-related injuries and overdoses. Six people total were hospitalized — according to FOX17.

“It was INSANE!” Six hospitalized after “Project X”-type rave party in Michigan attended by more than 2,000! (via Brooklyn Vegan)