Push for Pizza = Yo for Food

Eine 1-Button-Pizza-App. Bitte schleunigst für uns hier entwickeln. Bieten Pizza.de oder Lieferheld oder Lieferando oder whatever eine API wie die von ordr.in, auf der man diesen Pizza-Button aufsetzen könnte? Und warum nicht? Ich will jetzt sofort eine Pizza-API!

Simple as it may be, it took five months to develop the app for the team of teens. The idea started as a simple web app called “Pizza Button,” coded by Will Haack and Graham Carling. They brought in childhood friend Maximillian Hellerstein, who helped to shape the consumer-facing app with Cyrus Summerlin while the programmers (joined by another teen, Demitri Nava) completed the backend work, which is built on top of Ordr.in’s ordering APIs.

While it’s easy to scoff at the idea, these guys have turned a joke into a reasonable business model. They take a percentage of every order placed in their app, and have national reach on day one because the API they used is supported by pizzerias across the country.

Techcrunch: Push For Pizza Is Yo For Food Delivery (Pizza via Shutterstock)