Exoskeleton Shipyard Workers

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In Korea testen sie Exoskelette für die Arbeiter eines Schiffsbauers. Ich zitiere Ripley: „I can drive that loader. I have a Class-2 rating.“

At [a] South Korean shipyard, lifting and moving massive slabs of metal as if they’re made of foam could soon be a basic job requirement for workers. Of course, they’ll have some help: robotic exoskeletons, which made their debut last year at the company’s manufacturing facility, are on the rise.

After successfully testing the exoskeletons last year, the shipbuilding giant hopes to soon outfit some of their employees with the technology, giving them the superhuman strength to take production to new heights, New Scientist reports. The prototypes tested allowed workers to pick up 65-pound objects and manipulate them with ease, but Daewoo plans to increase the exoskeletons’ carrying capacity to roughly 220 pounds with design improvements.

Discover Magazine: Korean Factory Workers Don Exoskeletons for Superhuman Strength

heise.de: Werftarbeiter testen Exoskelette

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