Chinese Army dances to Little Apple

04.08.2014 Misc
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Animal New York hatte neulich ein Posting über den Soundtrack aus Promo-Clips von Armeen aus aller Welt. Mein Military-Fetisch ist dann allerdings doch nicht so ausgeprägt, dass ich das gebracht hätte, aber wenn die chinesische Armee zu einem Trashsong namens Little Apple offiziell durch die Gegend hampelt, dann muss ich ja wohl.

China's Ministry of Defense promoted on its homepage a video showing members of its armed forces, collectively called the People's Liberation Army (PLA), dancing to "Little Apple," a popular Chinese love song created by two music producers who call themselves the "Chopstick Brothers."

The video, which was featured just days before the August 1 anniversary of the PLA's founding, is a good-natured but somewhat awkward affair. Perhaps to showcase the collective might of the PLA, soldiers from seemingly every branch of the Chinese armed forces dance to the tune, interspersed with cutaways of fighter jets performing barrel rolls and firing missiles, soldiers lifting weights, sailors operating a submersible, tanks firing ordinance, and what looks like a member of the special forces firing on a paper target in the outline of a human being.

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