Lady finds 80 Skelettons in Ikea Bags

Then this happened:

A woman in southern Sweden is furious after stumbling upon scores of skulls and human bones inside Ikea bags in a church. The man who dug up the bones, however, says it's not as bad as it looks.

The Kläckeberga church is using Ikea bags to store the remains of around 80 people who were once buried under the floorboards. The macabre collection, which is almost overflowing from a set of large blue Ikea bags, was found by local woman Kicki Karlén. "There were loads of skulls and bones stuffed into Ikea bags. I counted up to 80," she told the Expressen newspaper. "I became angry, very angry about how they were just sitting there. I spoke with some people from the parish who said the bones had been there since 2009."

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