Marijuana Cuisine at Hunter S. Thompsons House

Vice Munchies hat auf der Owl Farm in Hunter S. Thompsons Zuhause ein Marijuana-Diner veranstaltet, dort jede Menge Weed-Speisen verputzt und Joints dazu geraucht. Mit dabei unter anderem Thompsons Witwe und Gründer der National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Nice!

Pulling this off required first and foremost the permission and kind hospitality of Anita Thompson, Hunter Thompson's widow, who resides at Owl Farm and keeps a close eye on her dearly departed husband's literary legacy. Then, to handle the culinary and scientific feat of preparing a multi-course marijuana-infused meal of the highest order, we partnered Chef Chris Lanter of Aspen hotspot Cache Cache with cannabis-infusion expert Tamar Wise, former head of science at the world's largest marijuana edibles company.

In all, we infused four different oils, using four different ganja strains, for use in four different preparations (three savory and one dessert), with a joint of each strain set aside for smoking.

Munchies: A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson’s House (via Ronny)

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