Lightning-Barbeque und Lava-Steaks

Die Irren von Bompas and Parr haben Steaks gebruzzelt. Auf Lava und mit Blitzen. GestaltenTV hatte vor drei Jahren auch mal eine Minidoku über die Experimental-Köche.

for their ‘cooking with lava’ project, bompas & parr have heated 2,100°F of molten hot liquid. together with professor robert wysock at syracuse university in new york (whose particular expertise lies in creating streams of man-made lava), the team fired up an industrial bronze furnace beside an icy crevasse. using a traditional grilling surface laid on top of the tunnel walls, bompas & parr were able to situate 2 steaks and 2 cobs of corn just above the firey liquified matter, whose ultra-hot properties nearly instantly roasted the raw meat and veggies. […]

[and] if you thought 2,100°F was hot, what about 50,000°F? that’s the temperature a bolt of lightening can reach as it passes through air. at five times hotter than the surface of the sun, the super-hot conditions only ignited bompas & parr’s creativity, urging them to use the firey matter as a cooking medium.

at the university of southampton’s tony davies high voltage laboratory, bompas & parr worked with scientists to generate an alternating current through a transformer, creating a 200,000 volt electrical arc within an 8 inch gap. steaks were placed into the path of the bolt, searing them in matter of microseconds.

Designboom: bompas & parr sear steaks in seconds with lava and lightning

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