Breaking Bads Pink Teddybear-Replika

Think Geek hat eine Replika des arg mittgenommenen Pink Teddys ohne Auge aus Breaking Bad für 30 Dollar. WANT! Die Original-Teddys wurden vor einem Jahr für $20.000 versteigert.

The pink teddy bear. So innocent and also so aptly representative of that plunge from innocence that Walter White takes. It's the perfect iconic prop from Breaking Bad. Fans will immediately know what it is. Non-fans will wonder what the heck you did to your poor teddy bear and make a mental note never to give you plush as a gift.

This is such a reasonable price, too. Two screen-used pink teddy bears went for over $20k each - and think about it. One of them probably smelled like chlorine and burning. That's not really a quality you want in a collectible. Now you can get that same look for a fraction of the cost with this 18" Breaking Bad Pink Teddy Bear. Put it on a shelf for display. Tuck it away with your other stuffed animals. Either way, it's bound to make an impact upon discovery.

Think Geek: Breaking Bad 18in Teddy Bear (via Marco)