Search for the new Fettberg of London

Ein Jahr nach dem sie einenn 15-Tonnen-Monster-Fettberg in Londons Abwasserkanälen fanden, hat sich unter der New Kent Road ein neuer gebildet. Gefunden wurde er bislang noch nicht, Dan Lee vom Guardian hat ihn trotzdem gesucht:

The fatberg is in one of the main (or trunk, to use the correct description) sewers. They’re the ones into which the smaller tunnels drain. Smaller sewers in the capital are about 10-20cm in diameter, as are many of the main sewers outside the capital in cities such as Oxford, the centre of which was shut down by one of the grease globule invaders earlier this year. It has to be a big lump of lard to block a London trunk sewer, which can be big enough for a person to walk through.

Guardian: In search of the fatberg: a descent to the dark world of London's sewers