Leaked Deadpool-Movie Test-Footage

Deadpool Test Footage in HD von itsartmag

Irgendwoher ist das 2012er Test-Footage eines Deadpool-Films mit Ryan Reynolds in der Titelrolle geleaked. Der Film schmort seit einiger Zeit in der Production-Hell, die Test-Aufnahmen wurden während der ComicCOn 2013 am Rande erwähnt.

20th Century Fox has had a Deadpool movie in limbo for years. It has a script (which is supposedly fantastic), it has a star in Ryan Reynolds (who played the character in the ill-conceived X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and it has a director, newcomer Tim Miller.

Unfortunately the R-rated project has been too big a risk for the studio to greenlight, so the script has been sitting on a shelf, just begging to get made. At Comic-Con last year, comics writer Rob Liefeld talked about some test footage that had been shot in 2012 showing off the kind of visual aesthetic the film would use, as well as its unique brand of humor, and now that footage has finally leaked online.

Deadpool movie test footage has leaked (Danke @Doc_Chop!)

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