Die Teddy-Erfinder von Steiff verkaufen demnächst einen 60th-Anniversary-Godzilla in Japan. Das Teil kostet beachtliche ¥51,300 ($503).

Steiff, known for creating the world’s first teddy bear in 1902, will manufacture 1,954 stuffed toy Godzillas which will be available on Nov. 3. The original Godzilla movie opened in Japan on Nov. 3, 1954.

Each stuffed doll will be manufactured at the doll maker’s factory at Giengen in Southern Germany, according to a spokeswoman at MS1880 Co. The dolls will be 50 centimeters tall and will be made of mohair fabric. Fangs will be made of felt cloth. The stuffed Godzilla will only be available in Japan.

WSJ: Germany’s High-End Teddy Bear Maker Tackles Godzilla

Steiff: シュタイフ×ゴジラ 【11月3日以降順次発送予定】